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2018/19 Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines will be arriving throughout the fall. Please check with your provider at the time of visit for flu vaccine availability.

Flu vaccines are available without an appointment at both our Williamsville and Alden locations during the specific weekday hours posted below.


Main Office – 8643 Sheridan Drive, Williamsville, N.Y. 14221
Monday – Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Flu Vaccine Products Available
Flu Shot Age 6-35 months 
Flu Shot Age 3 years and older

FluMist (Nasal flu) may be available, check with staff when arriving.

VFC Vaccines – New York State Vaccine for Children Program
Flu Shot Age 6-35 months – Limited Supply
Flu Shot Age 3 years and older – Limited Supply

Alden Office – 13404 Broadway, Alden N.Y. 14004
Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Flu Vaccine Products Available
Flu Shot Age 6-35 months 
Flu Shot Age 3 years and older

VFC Vaccines – New York State Vaccine for Children Program
Flu Shot Age 6-35 months – Limited Supply
Flu Shot Age 3 years and older – Limited Supply

You are strongly encouraged to check the website and/or Flu Information Line (565-9030 ext.: 622) for specific flu products available before you come to the office.

Please do your part to assist us in managing everyone as safely and quickly as possible. Be prepared to wait and understand that wait times may vary.

  • Come prepared with your current insurance information.
  • Print, complete and bring the appropriate Influenza Screening Form/Advanced Beneficiary Notice for each child to be vaccinated. Flu Injection ABN
  • Educate yourself and your family by visiting the CDC website

All of our flu vaccine is preservative free. Children under the age of nine (9) who have never had a flu vaccine will need a booster dose at least one month after the first dose.


What You Should Know With The Sudden Rise In Cases Of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Just the name of this viral infection is scary enough for parents of young children to be concerned. For the most part, though, it is not usually dangerous. All the same, there are certain facts you should know with the sudden rise in cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease to protect your family. Children five and younger are at the highest risk, but teens and adults can also be susceptible.

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How To Manage Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of childhood and growing up, and it’s safe to say everyone experiences some level of anxiety through their lifetime. For a certain number of people, though, childhood anxiety may turn into teen and adult anxiety. In fact, we all probably know an adult whom we think of as a chronic “worry wart,” but does that meant they’re affected by anxiety?

As parents, learning how to manage childhood anxiety can be beneficial both for your children and the adults they will become. Continue reading

Are Ear Infections More Common In The Summer?

If it seems ear infections are more common in the summer, it’s because they actually do occur at bit more frequently. This seems to be a result of the weather, including both humidity and heat, along with increased participation in water sports. In general, ear infections are the second most common reason for visits to the pediatric primary care physician.

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How Can You Keep Your Kid Healthy in the Digital Age?

As with all cultural and technological changes, there are positive and negative consequences of the digital age. There are always those who hold on to the past for dear life, and others who jump right in without a second thought.

Since most adults utilize devices for work and play, just like our children, maybe it’s the balance part we need to work on.

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Is Your Child Overeating?

It’s become quite common to hear about the young girl worried about getting fat, so she ends up with an eating disorder. Then there are the boys who can’t run, play sports, and are bullied by their peers because of their weight. These are just two examples of the unhealthy extremes in our culture today regarding food, weight, and self esteem.

Let’s examine this relationship, provide several scenarios, and hopefully get the answer to the question: Is your child overeating?

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Is Your Kid Too Busy?

What are you thinking right now? All sorts of guilty thoughts could be running through your mind as you consider this question.

“I want them to have what I never did,” could be one defensive but reassuring thought. Or “am I piling on too much stress?” could be the doubting-my-parenting skills reaction.

The honest answer is: It depends.

Let’s look at this topic from several sides and then you can decide if your kid is too busy.

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Now Is the Time to Book Your Child’s Annual Physical

Many parents get in the habit of only scheduling their child’s annual physical before the school year, or at the start of sports season. This can be the busiest time of year, and it’s possible that you may not be able to schedule an appointment in time. 

Did you know that your child can get their physical done now, and still have their results be accepted for the school year or sports season? Avoid the rush and schedule an appointment today! Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions about Breastfeeding

For new moms (and even experienced ones) breastfeeding a newborn baby can be one of the most complicated and misunderstood aspects of motherhood. Many mothers and mothers-to-be have unanswered questions about breastfeeding that could help ease the process. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, and some helpful answers, about breastfeeding.

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